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ESD Shielding Bag With Ziplock

It is suitable for packing of PCB, IC and other static sensitive components.
The kind of bag can keep static-sensitive components away from the potential static danger to the largest extent.
Its special four -layer structure can create such effect as an inductive cover to separate the goods inside from the static field.
The inner layer is made from ethane which can remove the static and avoid static generation inside the bag.
This kind of hot seal bag is transparent, so the goods inside can be easily recognized from outside. The surface resistance: 10e8~10e11Ω
And physical property meet the ASTMD257, ELA541 and MIL-B-81705 international standards

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Product Description

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:


Model Number:

ESD bag




Minimum Order Quantity:

100 pcs



Packaging Details:


Delivery Time:

7days after receive payment

Payment Terms:

T/T in advance, L/C

Supply Ability:

100000 pcs per day

Quick Detail:

product name ESD Shielding Bag With Ziplock
Industrial Use: electronics packaging
Feature: Antistatic
Surface Handling: Screen Printing
Surface resistance:
Sealing & Handle: Zipper Top, Self Adhesive Seal, Heat Seal
Custom Order: Accept
silver semitransparent
Thickness: 0.03mm-0.2mm
Certificate: SGS/ROHS


*Material:3-layer compound structure
*Static shielding:<30V
*Static discharging time:<0.03S
*Surface resistance:10^8~10^11 Ohm
*Feature:half transparent design in easy to check the item inside
*Different sizes available

*Standard thickness 0.074mm
*Open top
*Open from the small side
*Two or three sides 5mm seal
*Zipper from the open top 15mm

Suitable for PCB,IC and other static sensitive components packing



Item Unit Test standard and result
Metal layer resistance Ohm/sq <100
Metal layer optical transmission Optical density 40%-70%
Surface resistivity Ohm/sq 10^8-10^11Ω
Time for static removal 5000-0V <0.02 sec FTMS 101 Method 4046
Puncture resistance P.S.I ASTM E D3420 >12lbs, 50N
MVTR Gm/100in-2/24hrs ASTM E 96 <0.3
Heat sealing Time S 0.5-3.5 seconds
Hot sealing temperature F 250-375F
Seal Strength N/15mm ASTM D-882-91 ≥12lbs/inch
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