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    What are the steps in the order process?

    Step 1: We quote you according to the specifications of your product.                                                                        
    Step 2: You confirm the quote, we email you the order details and you confirm the order.                                                                        
    Step 3: You pay the payment                                                                        
    Step 4: We start production                                                                        
    Step 5: We inform you of the time for you to book shipment by air or sea before bulk ready                                                                        
    Step 6: For air shipment, you pay before shipment starts. For sea shipment, you pay before shipment starts and we do Telex Released BL. We send the BL, packing list and invoice to you after shipment                                                                        
    Step 7: The products are delivered to your local port or to your door according to the shipment term in the order                                                                        

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    Do you provide designing service?

    We can provide design service. But you should give us details                    

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    How do you control quality?

    Our factory has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification. We do strict quality control throughout the processing                                                        
    we have 3 inspection line and inspect the product before packaging                                                        

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    What equipment do you have?

    We’re equipped with advanced and automatic machines for the whole production line, we have coating machines, slitting machines,rewinding machines,cutting machines,die-cutting machines,and Rotary die cutting machines, and so on.

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    How long is the production time?

    It takes about 7-10 days for normal product

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    If I place an urgent order, do you charge me extra money?

    No, we don’t charge extra money for urgent orders. We’ll let you know the approximate production time for your products before you place an urgent order and will move forward only when it meets your requirement or you accept it.

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    How long does it take to produce a sample ?

    It takes about 3 working days

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    If my order is very urgent, how long you can proceed?

    We have helped many clients with their urgent demand. If your order is urgent, please check with our specialists to see if we can help. Our record production time is 24 hours.

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    How do I get a quotation?

    You can get a quotation online by clicking the “Quote” section and enter the required information.
    You can also send us an email with the necessary information including the quantity, size, style, etc. for us to quote you.                                                     
    We will give you a quotation within 24 hours on working days.                                                     

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    Can I change the quantity or specifications of my product after I confirm the order?

    You can do before we start production , need to pay extra money, if any, for the changes.

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    What cost does the price in your quotation include?

    We can quote on terms of EXW ShenZhen, FCA ShenZhen,FOB Shenzhen, CIF and DDU.
    EXW ShenZhen price means the price does not include any cost for shipping or customs clearance. You need to pick up the products from our factory in Dongguan and we will not bear any extra charge
    "FCA Shenzhen price means we delivery the product to the ports of shenzhen,we offer declaration custom document and pay for the declaration custom cost"
    FOB ShenZhen price means we ship the products to the port of ShenZhen and do customs declaration in ShenZhen
    CIF price means we ship the products to your local port. The price does not include any cost occurring at your local port, in local customs clearance or in local shipping.
    DDU price means we ship the products to your door. You need to unload the products for yourself. The price does not include any possible tax or tariff to be collected by local authorities.
    You should provide a warehouse or company address instead of a residential one as the delivery place.                                    

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    How are the products packed for sea shipment?

    Most of the products have their unique packing,Then we put them into a carton.  The cartons are sealed with tape,then,we wrap the carton with 6 pcs packing belt

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    How are the products packed for air shipment?

    we put the product into a carton,The cartons are sealed with tape.we wrap the carton with PET protector film

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    How can you make sure that the products won't be damaged or wet?

    We take multiple measures to protect the products. They are first packing with individual.                                                        
    we put them into a carton and wrapped with plastic film and sealed with tape to keep the cartons in position and protect them from water                                                        

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    Do you ask a full payment in advance?

    Normally we require a 30% deposit paid before we start production and a 70% balance before we send off the products.                                                         
    If the full payment is below 2000 USD and you pay through T/T, we’d suggest you make one full payment to save on transfer charges.                                                        

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    How can I pay?

    "You can pay to our bank account or PayPal account.We will provide a PI for you to make the payment after you place an order. "
    Our bank information is shown on the PI. You can pay through T/T to our bank account.
    If the amount is less than 5000 USD, you can pay through 100% T/T in advance                                                    

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    Can I pay by credit card?

    you can pay credit card Via our Alibaba online store through trande insurance

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    Do you accept L/C payment?

    If you want to pay through L/C, you need to place the order via our online store on Alibaba.

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    Sales Support

    For air shipment, we’ll give you the tracking number of FedEx or DHL after we send off the products.                                                                        
    You can check the logistics information on the official website of the express company or by calling its local branch. We will also keep an eye on the delivery status."
    For sea shipment, we will do Telex Released BL after you arrange payment. You can check the logistics information with the freight forwarder through the contact information on the BL. We can also check it for you."                                                                        

T0200-SMT Fuji silver double splice tape with 9 holes guide
T0195-SMT Panasonic splice tape with sharp
T0193-SMT special splice tape for Juki
T0192-SMT Universal splice tape with 8 holes for all SMT machine
T0190-SMT double splice tape for Panasonic
T0189-SMT splice tape with brass clip for all SMT machine
T0188-SMT splice tape with guide line for all SMT machine
T0185-SMT splice cover tape extender
T0184-SMT AI splice tape for AI carrier tape
T0183-SMT single splice tape for all SMT machine
T0182-SMT double splice tape for all SMT type machine
T0181-SMT single splice tape for Siemens
T0172-SMT auto splice tape with reaction for FUJI NXT
T0171-SMT double splice tape with sharp for Samsung
S0281E-SMT stapler frame clips
S0281A-SMT individual splice clips
SMT wiper
F0382F-SMT splice cutter
F0382E-SMT splice tool
F0382B-SMT positioning cutter with tooth
F0381F-SMT Stapler splice tool
F0381D-SMT plier splice tool
F0381A-Siemens splice clamp
SMT stencil clean roll
Disposable Latex Free Nitrile Gloves
ESD Anti-static rubber mats
Cleanroom sticky/tacky mats
ESD smock cloth
ESD Coverall cloth type B
ESD Coverall cloth type A
ESD Cleanroom garment
ESD Cover tape
Polyimide tape
ESD Shielding Bag Without Ziplock
ESD Shielding Bag With Ziplock
ESD PE Grid Bag
ESD Finger Cots In Yellow Color
ESD Finger Cots In Pink Color
ESD Finger cots in Black color
ESD Aluminum Foil Bag
Die cutting product(Screen Protector for phone production)
PET low adhesive waste discharge protective film for rotary die cutting machine
Top thermal label
Die cutting product


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